Cardarone is a drug, which is in the group of antiarrhythmic drugs. The drug is available in our pharmacy.  The instructions for use of Cardarone indicate that the drug is used both for long-term maintenance therapy and for prophylaxis. It belongs to the “ambulance” medicines (for life-threatening conditions). The uniqueness of Cardarone lies in its broad spectrum of action. He is able to eliminate any type of arrhythmia. Also, under the influence of Сordaron, high blood pressure is normalized and the coronary vessels expand. The description indicates that under the influence of the drug, the heart muscle is supplied with the required amount of oxygen. The drug (hereinafter referred to as the drug) exhibits a coronary dilating, antianginal and beta-blocking effect. Treatment should be supervised by a qualified professional.


Before taking the medicine, you need to find out what Cardarone helps from, how it should be taken and what are the main indications for use. The need for an appointment is determined by the attending physician, based on the diagnosis.

The list of main indications for the appointment of Cardarone includes:

  1. Fatal arrhythmia of the ventricles.
  2. Angina pectoris.
  3. Supraventicular arrhythmia.
  4. Myocarditis of Chagas, which is accompanied by arrhythmia.
  5. Parasystology.
  6. Ventricular fibrillation.
  7. Atrial flutter.
  8. Paroxysm of the atria.
  9. Supraventricular paroxysmal tachycardia.
  10. Atrial fibrillation.

11. Postinfarction condition, in which there is a high risk of sudden death. The instructions for use of Cardarone indicate that the drug can be used for prophylactic purposes. To avoid negative reactions from internal organs or systems, you should follow the doctor’s recommendations and take Cardarone according to the scheme drawn up by him.


Cardarone is a potent medicine, so it has a number of contraindications. They must be familiarized with before starting treatment.

With the utmost care and under the supervision of a qualified specialist, Cardarone is used to treat patients over 65 years of age, with liver dysfunctions, heart failure. In the presence of contraindications, the doctor prescribes analogs of Cardarone according to the principle of influence on the body. It is strictly forbidden to change the medicine without the advice of a doctor.

Side effects

Improper use of Cardarone can provoke negative reactions. Read the side effects before use.

The most common changes in work of:

  • digestive system
  • CNS;
  • respiratory system;
  • CVS.

The listed symptoms disappear on their own immediately after drug withdrawal and do not require additional treatment. With an incorrectly selected therapeutic regimen, Cardarone can have a negative effect on the metabolic process and provoke hypothyroidism, thyrotoxicosis, or an increase in T4 levels. Also, side effects can manifest as a decrease in potency, age spots on the skin, epididymitis, vasculitis, or excessive sweating. Treatment with Cardarone tablets for an extended period can provoke the development of thrombocytopenia, aplastic anemia, dermatitis, hemolytic anemia or allergic reactions. If the patient is allergic to the main active ingredient of the drug, an analogue of Cardarone should be selected. They are based on other components, but they have a similar therapeutic effect.

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