Ventolin inhaler is an effective asthma medication that help patients with asthma to keep on top of their condition.

Asthma is a chronic condition characterized by swelling and narrowing of the airways. People of all age groups might be affected. Very often asthma onset happens in early childhood, but It is not uncommon when asthma develops in adults for the first time.

To this day there is no cure for asthma but certain medications as Ventolin Inhaler help to control the condition and help asthma patients to live a life with minimal restrictions.

Worsening of asthma (aka asthma attack) manifests in such symptoms like breathlessness, wheezing, feeling of tightness or pain in the chest, coughing. Asthma attacks are usually provoked by triggers (e.g. cold, physical exercises, hay fever and other allergies) and may become life-threatening conditions if goes untreated. In case a person with asthma regularly experiences the attacks, it is vitally important to carry an emergency inhaler such as Ventolin. For the majority of patients, asthma may be successfully controlled by the correct treatment allowing for a good level of life activities for the patients regardless of their chronic condition.

How does inhaler work?

The active component of the inhaler Salbutamol which belongs to a group of drugs called fast acting bronchodilators. Ventolin opens the airways all the way to your lungs, allowing better airflow and easier breathing.

After the use of the inhaler there is immediate relief as it works almost instantly.

How to use the Ventolin Inhaler?

Ventolin should be used not more than 4 times a day, 1 or 2 puffs at a time.

If you are using Ventolin more than 2 or 3 days a week, contact your medical advisor to discuss your treatment.

Keep your inhaler clean and ready to use. When maintaining Ventolin inhaler wash the plastic part but not the metal canister. Avoid moisture of any kind (do not keep your inhaler in the bathroom). Keep it at normal room temperature.

Side effects

In some patients, Ventolin may cause side effects. Side effects usually happen in less than 10% of patients using Ventolin for asthma attack relief.

  • Increased heart rate or irregular heart rhythm
  • Shaking hands and sometimes the whole body
  • Feeling anxious or restless

The side effects usually happen after multiple administration of the inhaler and do not last an exceptionally long time. They are also more likely to manifest in case of increased dosage (for example in an emergency).

Is buying a Ventolin inhaler online the safe?

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