Many polls and studies confirm that every second man over 40 in the world suffers from erectile dysfunction. This means that hundreds of millions of people have sexual dysfunctions.

It is difficult for specialists in this field to determine the common cause of the disease, since erectile dysfunction is caused by completely different physical and mental disorders, and sometimes their complexes. Risk factors include any neurological disorder and drug side effects, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, alcohol, diabetes, and prostatitis.

Modern means used in professional treatment are quite effective, but many men, embarrassed, do not want to go to a urologist and self-medicate unsuccessfully. It is worth noting that urologists and andrologists have a high chance of helping patients with their problems, but only if they are not started before impotence. Therefore – do not delay!

Often, men are embarrassed to go to the clinic themselves with such a delicate issue. And this is not surprising. According to statistics, only 45% of men admit that they have problems with potency. 55% never confess. Indeed, for a man to get together, come to the doctor and openly declare his problem is a huge step. It is embarrassing and difficult to admit to a violation of potency. You need to step over yourself, gather your will into a fist in order to make up your mind. This is a serious psychological barrier, which is not always possible to break alone. And so it often happens that women initiate a visit to the clinic. Smart wives who understand well: since this problem has arisen, it means that the man is not all right in the body as a whole. If a woman loves her man, she will take care of him, support, become support and support, push.

To improve potency, Tentex Forte is also used. It is a highly effective remedy for curing problems with libido, erection and premature ejaculation.

Pharmacological action – increasing libido, stimulating potency, androgenic, tonic.

Indications of the drug Tentex Forte

Functional disorders of the sexual sphere in men, manifested by a decrease in libido (sexual desire), insufficient erection, premature ejaculation (shortening of sexual intercourse).

Secondary impotence after previous somatic diseases.

Sexual weakness in older men.

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