The drug for wakefulness Provigil, prescribed for patients with narcolepsy, is used as a nootropic due to its ability to enhance the cognitive functions of the body, improve memory, speed up reaction time, increase athletic performance.

This strictly controlled drug (available on prescription) is known as Modafinil and is a competitor to amphetamine and ritalin. The only way to get Provigil without a prescription is to take a substance called Adrafinil, which is converted into modafinil in the human body.

The drug is good because it does not cause any dependence. Many consumers do not take it in cycles, although there are many dosing strategies that limit its use to maximize human potential.

The synthetic drug Provigil is usually prescribed by doctors to treat a number of sleep-related conditions, including narcolepsy and “work-sleep shift disorders”. The principle of operation of the tool differs from the principles of functioning of conventional stimulants.

The incredible effectiveness of the drug is that it has a tonic effect on the physical processes of the body due to the stimulating effects of ritalin with the attention-enhancing and brain-accelerating effects of piracetam and memory-improving effects of bacopa Monier.

In other words, the use of Provigil contributes to long-term alertness, improved cognitive function, motivation and attention.

Advantages and disadvantages of Provigil

An effective and useful nootropic has many advantages:

* Increased cognitive function, which is negatively affected by daily stress, lack of sleep, and prolonged standing at work;

* Improved memory, which is directly affected by lack of good sleep and age. The drug improves the quality of work of this important characteristic of the brain and contributes to the appearance of ” pleasure from work┬╗;

* Reduced reaction time and increased active attention;

* Increased alertness, which prevents sleep disorders by increasing the duration of wakefulness and neurological ” arousal┬╗;

* Effectiveness in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, consisting in increasing the level of attention and reducing symptoms such as excitability, aggression, impulsivity;

* Lack of addiction to the drug due to the inability of the components of the drug to affect certain parts of the brain, which proves absolute safety in use;

* Improving athletic performance by extending the time to exhaustion when performing physical exercise (the drug is prohibited by WADA for use by professional athletes).

Along with the advantages, there are a number of disadvantages:

  • The occurrence of headaches due to three interrelated causes: Lack of nutrition due to appetite suppression, lack of water, possible choline depletion;
  • The appearance of a rapid heartbeat at the initial stage of application of the drug;
  • Poor sleep quality, which may be caused by high doses of the drug taken or the lack of cyclical use of Provigil

Provigil provides a solution to the problems associated with lack of sleep, offering incredibly long-lasting alertness, concentration, attention, and cognitive functions. In addition to the obvious Wake-up effect, modafinil is rumored to help with muscle pain, such as in patients with fibromyalgia.

Many users become happier and more satisfied by requiring fewer external incentives (such as gratuitous purchases).

Recommendations for the use of the drug

When using Provigil, you should choose the weakest effective dose, which will not only save money, but also avoid any potential side effects.

Most often, Provigil is prescribed in tablets of 100 and 200 mg.

If you are interested in trying the drug, it is recommended to start with the lowest dose of 50 mg, which will be sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

Provigil has an incredibly powerful and long-lasting effect, so if you use it, you should do it in the morning, otherwise you can stay awake all night. It should be remembered that you can not use Provigil to replace sleep.

If there are no problems with the tolerability of the drug, then you can choose doses of 100-200 mg for long periods of time.

Compared to other analogs of drugs, including amphetamine and ritalin, an important feature of Provigil is its reception only after you have started to engage in any activity.

To combine Provigil with other drugs, it is necessary to take into account individual characteristics of the person in order to avoid overdose as a side effect.

There is the following variation of complex application of the drug with other additives and means:

low-dose caffeine (small Cup of coffee or green tea); moderate dose of vitamin D or multivitamins;

a small amount of fish oil ;

L-theanine found in tea leaves;

biologically active food Supplement based on magnesium to decrease anxiety;

dietary Supplement based on choline to eliminate headaches.

plenty of water.

Contraindications and side effects

Provigil is safe, non-addictive and effective for a wide range of people, but like any drug, it has several potential side effects:

* insomnia

  • headache
  • weight loss
  • decreased appetite
  • nervousness
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • hypertension

Provigil has a long elimination period: 13-15 hours, which means that the body removes only half of the drug between meals.

Possibility to purchase the drug online

Long queues at pharmacies and time spent searching for the necessary medical product are now in the past. The drug Provigil is quite affordable for people and it can be selected from dozens of electronic catalogs of different pharmacies, comparing the price range of this drug in just a few minutes.

It’s a shame when you have to get to the pharmacy store for an hour and find that there is no necessary medicine in it. On the Internet, you can immediately go from one pharmacy site to another, while making a pre-order.