Valtrex (Valacyclovir) is a prescription anti-viral medication. It is a highly effective medication used for viral infection treatment.


Valtrex is used in adults and in paediatric practice. Children may be prescribed Valtrex to treat chickenpox and cold sores (herpes simplex) or shingles (herpes zoster).

In adults, Valtrex is applied to medicate genital herpes flair-ups. When patients have multiple outbreaks (2 or more per year). Administration of Valtrex reduces the flair-ups frequency in the future.

How does Valtrex work?

Although Valtrex is an effective antiviral medication. The effect of Valtrex is based on the ability of the preparation to end the growth of the virus, it cannot stop the disease completely. The viruses (like herpes and others) keep living in the human body between the outbursts. However, Valtrex weakens the intensity of disturbing symptoms (like aching and itchiness) and shortens the flair-up periods. It also helps healing the sores more rapidly and stops forming new ones.

! If you have regular herpes outbursts it is recommended to keep Valtrex at home so the treatment can be started immediately.

How to take Valtrex

Valtrex comes in the form of tablets and has to be swallowed with a lot of fluids (to reduce the risk of side effects).

For patients under 12 years old, the medication dosage is calculated considering the child’s weight. For adults, the daily dosage depends on the type of infection, response to treatment, the age and overall health condition of the patient.

Specialists recommend Valtrex treatment at the first manifestations of exacerbation of herpes. If the treatment is delayed if would negatively affect the result.

To keep the constant level of antiviral medication in the blood level Is it highly recommended taking Acyclovir regularly at the same time every day with plenty of water.

Do not reduce or increase the doses. Do not miss out on taking the dosage on time. If you forgot to take medication, take the dose as soon as you remember.

If you previously have been treated with genital herpes or cold before, start your Valtrex treatment as soon as you start experiencing burning, prickling, or itching.


You must inform your doctor if you have a history of allergies and kidney conditions.

Occasionally Valtrex can make you feel dizzy. Cannabis and ethanol (alcohol) may increase this effect if combined with Valtrex.

Cold sores and other viral infections spread easily. In outbursts please avoid physical contact with others.

Side effects

Valtrex side effects are not very common. They may include dizziness, nausea, pain in the abdominal area, headache.

Very rarely Valtrex can cause more severe side effects in some individuals with high sensitivity to this type of drug. In such a case please consult your doctor asap.

Buying Valtrex online

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