Under the term “drugs for men”, drugs that affect potency are most often considered. After all, having full sex that brings pleasure is very important for a man’s normal life. Sexual problems cause feelings of inferiority, lower self-esteem, cause neuroses, and lead to family troubles. Therefore, drugs like Levitra that eliminate problems with potency not only help a man to eliminate physical discomfort, but also contribute to good psychological well-being.

Levitra acts as follows: the drugs cause relaxation of the smooth muscles of the vessel walls of the male genital organ. As a result, there is a rush of blood and filling it with cavernous bodies, which are similar in appearance to a sponge. And since the cavernous bodies are located on the sides of the urethral canal, their filling with blood causes compaction, enlargement and straightening of the organ.

Medicines for men included in this group are indicated in cases where the problem of vascular tone is the basis of dysfunction. The tone itself can suffer due to many factors: metabolic disorders, nutrition, physical activity, stress, the presence of chronic, concomitant diseases. In such cases, drugs that affect vascular tone can relieve the manifestations of the problem.

On average, the effect of drugs in this group occurs in 15 min-1 hour. The duration of action depends on the specific agent: for some it is 4-5 hours, for some it is more.

For men, the most important requirements for a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are (in decreasing order of importance): “works every time”, “increases the elasticity of the penis” abilities “. An important consequence of taking the pill should be not only “better and longer sex”, but also the spontaneity and flexibility of sexual life. Levitra meets all these requirements.

The active ingredient of Levitra is Vardenafil. It promotes blood flow to the genitals. This leads to arousal and strong erection. The remedy acts only at the moment of sexual arousal, and after intercourse, the penis returns to its original state.

Levitra is recommended to be taken 20 minutes before sexual intercourse and washed down with water. The effective dose is 20 ml. The action lasts an average of 12 hours. You can take it with different types of food or on an empty stomach. Advantage of Levitra is the opportunity of combination with alcohol. The principle of Levitra is that sexual arousal is required for an erection. The brain must send a signal of arousal, which leads to an erection. Thus, the erection is as natural as possible.

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